Special Kneads and Treats Inc.

Special Kneads and Treats Inc.

Special Kneads and Treats Inc. was started in Lawrenceville, GA, USA in 2008, when Tempa and her husband Michael started thinking about what their son Bradley (born with Fragile X Syndrome) would work after he turned 22 years old and aged out of the county supported programs. As they were looking through options, they were given the vision for a bakery that would employ special needs adults and impact the community in a positive way by providing free birthday cakes to children whose families could not afford to purchase one. Years later the bakery turned into reality and they opened the bakery in 2014. Even though the beginning of the bakery was challenging, Special Kneads and Treats Inc. has grown fast and they now employ 16 special-needs adults along with 4 such adults that volunteer and another 150+ on a waiting list.

The mission of Special Kneads and Treats Inc. is to focus on the success of the baking industry and equip special needs adults with the necessary skills to take advantage of special events (such as weddings, birthdays, etc.) in the South East Region of the USA. Special Kneads and Treats Inc., operates based on idealsĀ driven fromĀ over 30 years of cake decorating and baking experience.

More information about Special Kneads and Treats, Inc. is available at http://www.specialkneadsandtreats.org/.

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