is an initiative of the Bread Houses Network (wwww.breadhousesnetwork.org), whose mission is to connect in a free online network for support, ideas exchange, and cooperation bakeries that have a social cause in addition to making and selling bread (employing people from disadvantaged groups; or organizing free and other community activities; or fundraising and supporting social causes; and much more you envision as social added value to a standard baking business). This platform is connected in mission and vision to our other global initiative, www.bakerswithoutborders.net, which is a network of people who do not necessarily run bakeries but love bread-making and use it in various social and cultural contexts as a tool for community transformation.

The Bread Houses Network itself includes two bakeries social enterprises started in Bulgaria, one in Sofia (www.nadezhko.com) and the other in the town of Gabrovo, which offer regular free community baking events for mixed groups of people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and needs, and also organizes free “Bread Therapy” sessions for people with various disabilities and suffering traumas and addictions. We believe the bread-making is a universal form of therapy and inspiration for people to unite and become more humane to each other – with softer hearts like the dough they knead together! If you are interested in joining this network, please send us your profile (short description) and photo at info@breadhousesnetwork.org.